Mirror’s Edge Catalyst

Since Mirror’s Edge came out in 2008, a lot of us have been expecting EA DICE to publish a new game and, finally, that day is closer than ever. They announced it years ago and gradually they have been showing content of the game. This made a lot of us to feel eager to arrive the next 9th of July, the day that we’ll be able to enjoy Mirror’s Edge Catalyst in our homes.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is a reboot of the original game from 2008, in which we’ll be able to explore Glass, a very modern and cosmopolitan city, controlling Faith Connors, an intrepid runner with which we’ll live her beginnings and evolution, while we uncover a dark secret hidden in Glass.



We find a game that offers us an open world, we’ll be able to explore the world freely, with no need to follow levels and a linear story (like in the original game), doing parkour and stunts through the city roofs. But we won’t only have to run and jump, the game also counts with a new fighting system, with which we will be able to face our enemies with melee attacks, but without using guns, this way they have given a different approach to fights regarding the 2008 game.

Finally, it offers us Social Play, a new approach to the multiplayer mode. The game doesn’t count with a real time cooperative or competition mode, but it offers the possibility of an asynchronous multiplayer mode, in which the actions of other players affect directly to the world of other players. Some examples of this system would be the Time Trials in which times aren’t predefined by DICE and the possibility that external players can place Beat Location Emitters, some objects that the player will have to find.



We think that Mirror’s Edge Catalyst will be a great game that will be on everybody’s lips. The fact that it is an open world game offers an incredible wide range of possibilities to overcome the missions. The game is already available to try during 6 hours for all the EA members that have an Origin Access account. What is clear is that we are going to give it a try, we really enjoyed the previous game and we are sure that this new title won’t let us down.

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