Revive your Game Boy’s adventures with SmartBoy

A lot of us have grown up with the Game Boy/Game Boy Color, that has helped us to entertain ourselves during long afternoons and road trips. Thanks to this consoles we’ve been able to live thousands of adventures, since saving a princess, to train, capture and fight against fantastic monsters. Probably, the most nostalgic ones keep on playing old versions of Pokémon, Zelda or Mario, among others. Others might have this consoles at the bottom of their wardrobes or might be broken, or some youngsters might want to try any of these games but in a physical way, without emulators.

This is why Hyperkin has created an accessory for our Android phones, the Smartboy, a device with which we’ll be able to relive those moments by using our cellphones and an original Game Boy or Game Boy Color cartridge and it’s compatible with NTSC and PAL cartridges, so we’ll be able to play cartridges from any region.


This device, which was initially announced as an April’s Fools’ Day joke, connects to our Android cellphone through the USB port in OTG mode, it is compatible with mobile phones from 5 to 6 inches and requires Android KitKat (4.4.4) at least in order to be used. They are also researching the possibility of bringing the device to iPhone (as they announced during the April’s Fools’ Day) if the reception is positive and if the platforms allows it, since interacting with external devices and developing applications is easier in Android than in iOS.

But this doesn’t end up here, the device that they are currently selling its a development kit, so they offer us the source code of the firmware and an open source application that allows us to download the firmware to the device board. The current price is $59.99 and it is expected to launch in December of 2016.

Despite it is still under development, it is a very promising device and it can open the doors to a whole new market of devices that will allow us to play our classics.


Images from the Neowin team, that photographed this SmartBoy in the last E3 2016.

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