Our experience in the Ludum Dare 36

We all know the eSports, multiplayer game competitions in which different teams compete In order to win the great prize and the recognition of their skills. But, what about video game creators? Well, in their case they have Game Jams, competitions where videogame creators meet to create videogames in a short span of time (between 24 and 72 hours) and they organize themselves in teams (although there’s people who participate solo), which count with members specialized in several disciplines.

Between the 27th to the 29th of the last month, we took part in the Ludum Dare 36 the biggest online videogame development competition all over the world, where contestants have to create a game based in a theme published at the start of the competition. There are two categories: the Compo, that consists in developing a game individually creating all the content in 48h, and the Jam, that consists in developing a game individually or in teams in 72h.

We took part in the Jam, the give theme was “Ancient technology” so we spent three days working hard and “Ancient Treasures” was born, a 2D platformer puzzle game, where you play as a pyramid raider and look for all the hidden treasures, but it won’t be that easy since the pyramid is full of traps and enemies. The team was formed by us, Mandarine Studio, where Joel did the code and Clara the art of the game.

It was such an intense weekend, we learnt a lot and we are really proud of the final result, although we are aware that the game has several errors and there are several improvements that could be added, this is why we’d love to know your opinion in order to improve it. Here you got a link to our Ludum Dare entry and a demo of the game.

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