Steam VR

Lately, we constantly listen the word VR everywhere. Virtual Reality is a fact and a technology that day by day is more integrated in our lives. Everyone has heard about the Oculus Rift, which have been the pioneers in this technology during a couple of years thanks to its development kits, or even the Google […]

Steam Controller

Nowadays, PC gamers are used to play with a keyboard and a mouse, what is more, they even have special keyboards and mouse devices with extra keys that allow them to create macros. Thanks to its huge amount of keys we can have a wide range of functions distributed among them all and like that, […]

New ways to learn!

Times are changing, technology, smartphones and social networks are part of our daily life. Kids are born with a tablet under de hood and have a lot of facilities for this new technologic generation, but we still have to know how to stimulate them in order to develop their own potential while they play. We […]