Rise of The Tomb Raider

With no doubt Lara Croft is one of the most beloved feminine characters from the history, one of the sexiest, smartest and bravest heroines all over the world. But Crystal Dynamics, along with Square Enix, has been able to take Lara to the next level, with the last 2013 game they were able to humanize her with a more realistic design, where they took us to the beginnings of Lara, a 21 years old innocent archaeologist whose life changes and becomes the brave and fearless Lara Croft that we all know and who entertained us with her adventures and puzzles during our childhood. Something that they have achieved by far in the next game Rise of the Tomb Raider.


The Xbox One and Xbox 360 users could enjoy the game since the 10th of November from 2015 thanks to an exclusivity agreement, however, the PC users haven’t been able to enjoy it until the last 28th of January from 2016, unfortunately the PlayStation 4 users will have to wait until November.

So once we have completed the game and made the most of it, it is time to make a review and share our opinion about it.

In The Rise of The Tomb Raider there’s a very important emotional line which allow us to emphatise with the main character, who will be focused mainly on the search of answers and Lara’s relationship with her father, her struggle to do justice to his father beliefs and the willing to make an ending to the job that he started years ago. We can see that along with the story thanks to flashbacks which show us numerous memories from Lara’s childhood with her father (something that caught our attention given that it adds information to the family story and if we compare it with the previous games this can shock you a little bit, but despite that it convinced us).


The story takes place in Siberia, despite the game starts with a prologue with jumps between Siberia and Syria, place which introduce us quickly into the game controls and dynamic and show us the amazing stages that we’ll find along the game.
But once in Siberia we’ll have to face enemies and activate our survival instinct in order to understand the mystery of the immortal soul and discover the treasure with lies beneath, although, Lara won’t be alone and she’ll have to face an unscrupulous organisation, known as Trinity, moreover, she will come across with a group of natives from Siberia known as “the Remnant”, who will ask for favours, something which will lead you to optional missions and in case of accepting and finishing them they will reward us.


Some innovations, in comparison with the 2013 game, are the ability to collect resources such as skin and wood, something that will allow us to upgrade our weapons or regenerate our health, resources which will be essential to make upgrades in the basecamp, but at the same time will allow us to make some of these upgrades outside, for example to craft arrows.

In regard to weapons, we count on with a really complete arsenal, from the climbing axe to the bows, the guns, the shotguns and assault rifles. In this game, the bow will turn into a really useful and versatile tool, in a way that through all the upgrades we’ll obtain a silence and precise weapon, which will allow us to shoot from regular arrows to poison arrows, fire arrows, rope arrows and explosive arrows. What is more, the arrows will allows us to use special skills such as climbing soften wooden surfaces, moving to a different place like using a liana, pulling off objects or enemies, and reaching high or descent places.


Something that provide us more options for causing enemies silent kills are the objects that we can gather or even create such as smoke grenades, fragmentation grenades and Molotov cocktails, so this game doesn’t outstand precisely for the use of firearms, given that using your wit and all the resources that surround you, you can perfectly cause silent kills, despite in certain occasions it will be necessary. The outfits should also be taken into consideration, because each one provides special skills such as the ability of carrying more ammo, to regenerate health faster or to resist better specific attacks, something that if we apply properly along the story can facilitate us the game combined with the skills system which classifies in three groups: brawler, which improves our combat skills; hunter, which improves our skills to collect resources and focuses on the guns, and survivor, which boosts Lara’s wit and problem solving capacity.

Despite that, we still miss the classic Lara who shoots two guns at a time.



Maybe something that we missed was the multiplayer mode, however, they offer an expedition mode, a very useful option which allow us to complete the 100% of the game by choosing game episodes which give us the option to obtain the maximum punctuation and which we can customize with cards with different skills. Some skills and modes which are really curious, such as the endurance mode, in which Lara can die of cold or hunger, or modifiers such as big heads and explosive chickens.



Personally, we really liked the DLC Baba Yaga which has a new mystery to be solved, stages, puzzles, wonders and new enemies, what is more, all this has its final reward.

Definitely, it is a game with amazing graphics, illumination and realistic and very detailed colours with an animation that looks after the smallest detail, such as Lara rubbing her hands because of the cold or squeezing her hair when she gets out of the water. We love the fact of living how Lara is turning into that strong, fearless and smart woman with more complex ambitions, her great intuition and ability to face danger and new abilities such as learning languages, which will allow her to decipher monoliths which will reveal the location of hidden treasures and secret crypts.

A story with a lot of action, with a perfect harmony between the story, the fights and the exploration, consisting on a more opened and replayable world with secondary missions, much more tombs, relics and documents to discover, with some stages and landscapes that will amaze you.




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