TOP 10: The best videogames for smartphones

Current mobile games don’t have anything to envy to computer games, and even less to portable consoles. Mobiles have made its own place in the videogames world thanks to the fact that most of them count with a decent graphics processor and the most important thing is that we can play wherever we want. This has also caused the apparition of a new game genre, casual games, those ones that we sometimes play because we are bored, but we finally got hooked on them. Given that day by day mobile games improve their quality and that this market is growing, we have decided to create our own top 10 mobile games.

1. Monument Valley

Monument Valley is a game you must play. It’s a classic, and you’ll love it for its aesthetic and its ingenious puzzles and perspective games (if you know M. C. Escher and his impossible perspectives, you can get an idea of what we mean). The player’s goal is to direct the main character, a princes, through the game mazes, which are formed by optical illusions and impossible objects, the trick is to manipulate the world that surrounds her in order to reach all the platforms.
This game is available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

2. Lara Croft GO

Lara Croft GO is a great game, we loved Relic Run, but Square Enix made us fall in love with this game. It is a puzzle, turn-based game where Lara will have to avoid obstacles and manipulate the environment. And if you like this kind of games, you will like Hitman GO for sure, its descendent, we also have great news, as it seems that Square Enix has registered the names of Just Case GO, Life is Strange GO, Deus Ex GO, Thief GO and Tomb Raider GO, so we will probably enjoy more games of this style soon.
This game is avalable for iOS, Android, Microsoft Windows and Windows Phone.

3. Limbo

Limbo is a must play game with a really well-cared and minimalistic aesthetic, that is characterized by its black and white achromatic range accompanied with light effects and grey shadows. It’s a puzzle-platform game, which takes place in a hostile environment where the player has to guide a kid, whose name is unknown, through the stages while avoiding hidden traps.
This game is available for Xbox 360 (XLA), PlayStation 3 (PSN), Microsoft Windows, Linux, OS X (Steam), iOS and Android.

4. Adventures of Poco Eco: Lost Sounds

Adventures of Poco Eco is a precious game, with an aesthetic that takes care of even the minimum detail, which can remind us of Monument Valley, due its perspectives and game mode. Also, the protagonist Poco Eco is lovely, the game’s main objective is to help him to find the lost sounds, because we are in a universe where all sounds have disappeared. Personally, we really like the game’s simplicity and the lowpoly models, which create stages and characters as interesting as Poco Eco, here you got a link that will allow you to download your own Poco Eco so that it accompanies you in your adventures.
This game is available for iOS and Android.

5. Alto’s adventure

Alto’s Adventure is a snowboarding infinite runner that takes place in an ethereal atmosphere with a minimalistic and well-cared aesthetic, you will love the views and how it varies the scene colour range while we progress through the game simulating the course of the time. The game consists on catching the llamas that have ran away from the protagonist, Alto, whether controlling him or his friends, while you do spins, grind through rooftops, jump over vertiginous cliffs and mock the mountain elders, while you avoid obstacles and the difficult that implies the course of the time in the mountain.
This game is available for iOS and Android.

6. Badland

Badland is a platform game that takes place in a forest fraught with trees, flowers and special creatures. The aesthetic is the first appealing thing, it is similar to Limbo’s one, but the difference is that it has a more colorful colour palette, combined with the stage that it is placed on the foreground and the main character in black, something that creates a unique atmosphere. Despite, apparently the stage looks magic, as if it was part of a fairy tale, the truth is that it’s happening something dark in that forest, where the player will have to discover what’s going on while avoiding traps and obstacles. Moreover, it should be noted that the game offers a multiplayer mode where up to 4 players can play with the same device, and it consists on the law of the jungle, where only the best survives and it also offers the possibility to play your own levels or the ones created by the community.
This game is available for Microsoft Windows, OS X, Linux, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Wii U, PlayStation Vita, iOS, Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry 10.

7. Lost Journey

Lost Journey is an adventure, puzzle and elements collecting game. The main character is a girl who tries to uncover her past and explores through an extraordinary trip in order to discover the truth step by step. But there are two things that make this game so special and characterizes it, the first one is its innovative game mode, since the girl can use the “parallel time” in order to rotate the world and use certain objects to avoid obstacles or even to cooperate with herself, so there are no space-time limits, we can rotate the world and even revert the gravity. And the second one is that it is characterized by its precious graphics, which give an incredible visual experience to the game.
The game is available for iOS, Android and Xbox One.

8. Transistor

Transistor is an action and science fiction RPG where the player controls the main character, Red, while traveling through an amazing futuristic city and fights against the enemies, something that will require a great strategy from the user side, while discovering the mysteries of Transistor.
This game is available for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, OS X, Linux and iOS.

9. Rayman Adventures

Rayman has come back in style with Rayman Adventures, a classic Rayman for mobile devices, but unlike the previous games, we have no exploration limit in the map, we can go to anywhere we want to and it can be controlled completely with gestures with no need to use buttons. It’s an adventure and platform game whose protagonist is Rayman and Barbara the Barbarian from Rayman Legends, whose adventure consists on rescuing the Incrediballs eggs and enliven the sacred tree, while we are traveling through legendary worlds. Moreover, the best of all is that it is free to play, so it can be downloaded for free for iOS and Android (Although, logically it offers purchases inside the application, but they are focused on food for the Incrediballs, enhancements and skill improvements).

10. Modern Combat 5: Blackout

Blackout is an FPS plenty of action, with really good graphics despite being a mobile game. It allows you to create a squad, play individually or even with a team, the goal is to kill a lunatic who tries to destroy the world, so you will have to face the most extreme situations.
The game is available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

We want to make an special mention to the Exploding Kittens game, we didn’t include it in the top 10 as it isn’t a great game, but a funny game to be played with friends. We discovered it with the physical card game and we loved it. The game mechanics are really simple, they basically consists in the Russian roulette’s mechanics, but in a kitty version where you will need big strategic qualities, because at any moment they can explode, be dead or out of the game… unless the player owns a Defuse card that can disable the kitten by using things such as laser pointers, belly scratch and catnip sandwiches. The other cards are in the stack and they can be used to move, mitigate and avoid the exploding kittens. The point is that they also have an iOS and Android version, so there’s no necessity to carry the card deck and it can be played at any moment and place, with anyone that owns the application.

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